We are calm seekers

A collective of yoga and pilates teachers, therapists and bodyworkers dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of all women through movement, meditation and other healing modalities.

We seek to create a safe, nurturing and empowering space that honours women and celebrates her femininity, inner wisdom and strength.

We are pleasure hunters

Most modern yoga and movement practices often glaze over the physical, mental and emotional differences between women and men, despite women making up the majority of yoga practitioners worldwide. We seem to only acknowledge the womb-space in prenatal & postnatal yoga classes, and less so in other more athletic and alignment-based yoga classes. In these classes, very rarely do women get asked if they were on their period, are wearing an IUD, or suffer from other ailments that could contraindicate certain poses or practices.

We want to create a more women-focused space to practice yoga and seek therapy in, especially in a world where more is being demanded from women at home and at work, and where women are suffering more than ever from menstrual pain and disorders (e.g. PCOS, endometriosis), infertility issues and other illnesses.

With Terra Luna Yoga, our dream is to create a community of sisters, a healing and empowering space for women of every age and life stage, where everyone is heard and respected. Where menarche, menstruation and menopause - together with pregnancy and motherhood – are celebrated as portals to deep inner wisdom, comfort and strength.

We are peacemakers
As daughters to our mothers, and sisters to one another, our promise is to provide a safe space that is inclusive, supportive and empowering for all women.
‘Terra’ and ‘Luna’ are the Latin words for earth and moon respectively. The earth is associated with mothering and the majesty of life itself - grounding, strength and nourishment are some qualities that come to mind.

The moon is often associated with feminine qualities such as receptivity, emotion and intuition. The phases of the moon universally symbolises the passing of time and a woman’s monthly cycle. Put together, Terra Luna represents a rooted feminine consciousness that is delicate yet unwavering, gentle but strong - even in the face of change.