We invite you to embrace your power

A collective of yoga and pilates teachers, fitness trainers, movement educators, therapists and bodyworkers dedicated to supporting and enriching lives through movement, meditation and other healing modalities.

We're here to create a safe, nurturing and empowering space for you. Find out more about our team here.

We challenge stereotypes & assumptions

Most modern yoga and movement practices often glaze over the physical, mental and emotional differences that makes a practitioner unique. Even more rarely seen is the acknowledgement and understanding of the female anatomy in movement and fitness spaces, outside of the prenatal/postnatal clases. We want to challenge this generalised teaching approach and offer our clients a more respectful, intuitive and inquiry-based approach to yoga, pilates, meditation and therapy.

As a women-focused and trauma-aware space, we recognise foremost the need for safety and affirmation in a world where these qualities are notably absent. We do offer mixed-gender events and remain  committed to do more for marginalised communities, such as LGBTQIA+ folks. In our world, transwomen and anyone who wishes to identify as women are unequivocally, women. 

Our deep wish is to create a community of people that are curious and caring - for themselves and for the people that surround them. 


Nourish and uplift

Our promise is to provide a safe space that is inclusive, supportive and empowering for all.

‘Terra’ and ‘Luna’ are the Latin words for earth and moon respectively. The earth is associated with mothering and the majesty of life itself - grounding, strength and nourishment are some attributes that come to mind.

The moon is often associated with qualities such as receptivity, emotion and intuition. The phases of the moon universally symbolises the passing of time and is revered in several cultures. Put together, Terra Luna represents a rooted consciousness that is delicate yet unwavering, gentle but strong - even in the face of change.