Ready to enhance your yoga experience or take the next step in your yoga and teaching journeys?

Our academy features yoga teacher trainings, continuing education and immersion programmes led by senior facilitators and educators in the field of yoga, fitness and wellness.

Key Pillars of Trauma Awareness in Teaching (15H CET)


20 & 21 Jan 2024 

Sat (PM) & Sun (Full Day)

This continuing education training is for current yoga teachers and fitness trainers who would like to be more trauma-aware in their teaching and practice. In this CET, you will learn the following:

  • What is trauma and why it’s important to be trauma-aware
  • Applied polyvagal theory in wellness and fitness settings
  • Yoga sutras as ethics 
  • Consent culture and body boundaries 
  • Cultural appropriation and decolonisation  in yoga
  • Key principles of trauma-awareness as it relates to cueing, sequencing, space management, etc.
  • Learning how to create safety in group classes 

100H Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (100H)


Weekday Cohort | Aug 14 - 18, 21 - 25

Weekend Cohort | Oct 6 - 8 , 13 - 15, 20 - 22, 27 - 29

Our Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (100 hours) is back! We heard you wanted to have weekday options for those of us with busy weekends, and we're back with not just one but TWO runs of this much-loved training in 2023.

This Yoga Alliance accredited training is the brainchild of Dewi Chen (E-RYT200, RPYT, CD/PCD(DONA),BRM®Pro) who has spent years serving the prenatal and postnatal population as a yoga teacher, birth and postpartum doula and bodyworker. Together with co-trainers and guest lecturers from the field of women's health physiotherapy and perinatal mental health specialists, you will learn what are the benefits of prenatal and postnatal yoga, how yoga philosophy applies to the prenatal and postnatal period, the anatomy and physiology of labour and childbirth, techniques, sequencing and class design as well as how to apply trauma-aware principles to your practice and teaching. 

ALL are welcome to apply whether you're just wanting to enhance your pregnancy and postpartum experience, curious yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, doula, birth worker or a movement professional. Pregnant and postpartum persons are more than welcome!

200H Yoga Teacher Training (2024)



Fri (PM), Sat - Sun

Our next 200H Yoga Teacher Training will be held on 1H2024! Keep your eyes peeled for more! Accredited with Yoga Alliance and designed with the curious practitioner and budding yoga facilitator in mind, you will develop a good understanding of what are the benefits of yoga, yoga philosophy and history, yoga lineages, applied anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and its relation to yoga postures, ethics and scope of practice, as well as how to apply trauma-aware principles to your practice and teaching.