COVID-19 Updates

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Vaccination-differentiated Safety Measures will be implemented from 10 Aug.


All in-person classes will be OPEN to ALL unmasked vaccinated and masked non-vaccinated clients. No judgement, no discrimination; just a whole lotta love and respect.


There will be physical segregation between the groups; no inter-mingling will be allowed. Mats and props will be provided for both groups and there will be no mixing of equipment.


Please note that SafeEntry clearance is mandatory via your token or app. We are also required to take note of your vaccinated status, which will be recorded in our system at your next class with us.


Keeping you safe

All mats and props will be disinfected via a 2-step process - first with high-grade disinfectant sprays followed by disinfection via Ultraviolet-C disinfectant (UVC) lights .


59S SunClean™ UVC disinfection lights will be installed on our ceilings (from 12 Aug) and will disinfect the air, mats and props; these lights are safe and have been approved for disinfection use in Singapore.


For safety purposes, these lights have built-in motion sensors and will only be triggered when there are no people/movement in the space.


We ask that you leave promptly after class so that the space can be sanitised thoroughly after use. We will continue to open the windows for ventilation before, during and after the class to encourage air circulation.



Updated on 9 Aug 2021


Can I remove my mask during practice?

Yes, if you are fully vaccinated and have completed the regimen, have recovered from COVID-19 or have a valid negative ART test in the past 24h. Masks will need to stay on for unvaccinated people.


Why can’t we just open only to vaccinated individuals? Wouldn’t that be safer and more responsible? 

We know that there are some of us who are not able to take the vaccination due to health reasons, are in advanced stages of pregnancy and/or have other personal reasons not to vaccinate. We do not think it is fair for any business to exclude them on the basis of vaccination status. Concurrently, we have also enhanced our disinfectant measures to keep everyone safe! 

Are you resuming all in-person classes?

Yes! All In-person classes will be resumed, including those that involve strengthening and conditioning. If you are mask-wearing please pace yourself accordingly and hear out for options that may be more suited for a masked practice!


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