Post-natal Yoga & Self-care 

5 week Course


Part 1: 26 Jul, 2 Aug (Fri), 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Part 2: 5 Aug, 19 Aug, 26 Aug (Mon), 2:00pm to 3:15pm

We’re so excited to launch our Post-natal Yoga and Self-care course. In coming up with the content, we looked back on our own post-birth experiences and conversed with our sisters about theirs. Many of our conversations begun with “I wish I had known” and “nobody told me”. A resonant theme in these conversations was the lack of post-partum care and support coupled with the societal pressure to ‘bounce back’, four months after giving birth. A related theme that came up was the down playing of mental health issues as just ‘baby blues’ that did not warrant attention. We’ve heard your stories and are committed to plugging this gap in the post-partum journey. 

From physical recovery to mental well-being, our Post-natal Yoga and Self-care course provides mothers with a sound base for understanding the post-partum body (and mind!) and how to ease into the journey of motherhood. We recommend attending both Part 1 and Part 2 of this course, though we warmly welcome if you would prefer to attend just either.

PART 1: Holistic Pelvic Care

In Part 1 of the course, we are focusing on pelvic care - what you need to know about your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles post-birth and how you can help to rehabilitate them after birth. In today’s world, too much attention is being focused on mothers ‘bouncing back’ to their pre-pregnancy bodies without any focus on the recovery work that needs to happen first within the pelvis. The rise in medical procedures performed worldwide to correct incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse is also a worrying trend and we want to do something about this. We will adopt a holistic approach in pelvic care, particularly in light of new theories about how we should approach pelvic floor rehabilitation in a way that considers a holistic view of the pelvic support system (hint: it’s not Kegels!). In the two days, we will first ground ourselves with an understanding of where our pelvic muscles are and what they do, before moving into practices that focuses on optimal pelvic alignment for recovery. Practices will include breathwork and movement practices to stabilize our joints and rehabilitate our pelvic muscles.

PART 2: Release, strengthen & support

The second part of the course will look at common physical and mental issues that mothers deal with in their journey as mothers. You have the option of bringing your baby for any of the sessions below! 

5 August – Releasing neck, shoulder and lower back tension 

Baby feeding and carrying can sometimes lead to unnecessary neck, shoulder and lower back tension. Learn ways to release these tensions and the adjustments you can make at home to keep tension at bay! 

19 August – Strengthening core support from within

When it comes to the post-partum body, we need to carefully strengthen the deep abdominal core and back muscles (they help in stabilizing the pelvic muscles). We say carefully, as core work done incorrectly may lead to a worsening of diastesis recti (separation of abdominal wall) and pelvic organ prolapse. 

26 August – Mothering the mother: a practice of self-care 

We will wrap up the course with a sharing of ways to take care of your mental health and well-being, the resources available to mothers, as well self-care practices you can take home to make this journey of motherhood a joyful and fulfilling one. As we will also look into ways to care for the body whilst caring for baby, such as proper techniques in baby feeding and baby wearing, we highly encourage that you bring your baby along together with your preferred baby sling or carrier. 


We will be holding Mothers’ Circles following the end of the course (dates/times to be confirmed). 

These circles are an opportunity for mothers to connect, to listen and be heard. In these circles, we will also invite other practitioners who work in supporting mothers – such as baby massage therapists, post-partum doulas, counselors, naturopaths – to share their knowledge and provide additional resources for your parenting and self-care journey. You are also invited join us for our Mums & Bubs class on Weds, 10:00am, or any of our other classes. All of our teachers are trained to support post-partum mothers.


All mothers, whether you've just given birth or given birth a long time ago.


Part 1 & 2 : $300

Part 1: $140

Part 2: $195


Facilitated by Dewi Chen and Rowena Bai, pre-natal and post-natal yoga teachers who have recently completed their birth and post-partum Doula training. They bring into this course their years of teaching mothers movement and therapy and from their own experiences as being mothers themselves.

Meditation for Busy Minds

Date: 17 Aug, Sat

1:00pm- 2:30pm

 ⁣Join us for an introductory workshop on how meditation can be a #calmbalm for our busy minds (and lives)! The guided meditation techniques explored will be secular and beginner-friendly, using intention, movement or sound to help you rest into a space of stillness.

We hope that you will be able to take what you've experienced to incorporate into your everyday. Whether you are completely new to meditation, or someone who is already an experienced meditator, meditating in a group can be a fulfilling experience – allowing us to soak in the collective calm we are each helping to create. 

We invite every calmseeker to come experience this for yourself! 


$50 or 1 class credit with a top up of $10* 

*not applicable for sisters on the 3 class starter pack 


Read more about Diana here!


Daring to Rest, Rising Stronger: 21 day programme

Dates: 15, 22, 29 Sept (Sun) & 5 Oct (Sat)

4:15pm to 6:15pm

We live in a world where rest is seen as a sign of weakness and where exhaustion and depletion are normalised as part and parcel of everyday living. We also live in a world where there is more demand being placed on the modern woman today. She’s a mother, worker, caregiver and then some. It is no wonder that women are twice as likely to suffer from chronic stress and depression as compared to men. 

We believe a paradigm shift is needed to address this worrying trend, starting with a reframing of the idea of Rest – why it’s important and how it helps us tap into our power source. 

You may have heard that it takes 21 days to cultivate a habit. This Sept & Oct, we invite you cultivate this new habit of Daring to Rest so that you may Rise Stronger. In 21 days, our wish is for you to be able to rest fully to enable you to live life wholeheartedly. 


The programme will consist of 8 group classes with home practices. Over the 4 Rest-and-Yoga Nidra classes (on dates above) that we meet over this 21-day programme, you will learn the effective sleep-based meditation techniques to rest fully and release layers of tension and exhaustion. Yoga Nidra is a conscious deep sleep meditation that supports you to take a tranquil journey within your self, to know your self better. 

Beyond these 4 classes, you will continue with your Yoga Nidra practice with the Yoga Nidra audios gifted to you so that you may bring the practice home. You will also have the option to join 4 yoga classes which will complement your Yoga Nidra practice. You can choose to attend either Yin Yoga, Womb Yoga or Restorative Yoga classes during the 21 days at your convenience (see schedule here) 

We believe that at the end of the 21 days, you will blossom into a well-rested version of yourself; strong and ready to live life fully. 


As this is the first time we're launching this programme, we are pleased to offer this at an introductory rate of just $250 per pax! 

Book in early and enjoy 10% off by 1 Sept ($225 per pax)! Existing TLY class package holders, REJOICE! You get to enjoy 15% off ($212). 

Don't miss out on this offer, sisters!* 

*Valid for 10,20,30 class package holders 

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