Barefoot Science & BARE® Workout

Dates: 30 Jul


3:30pm – 5:30pm


Our foot is the gateway between the ground and the nervous system. The ability to feel the ground is critical to how we maintain both static and dynamic posture.  The skin on the bottom of the foot contains many (small nerve) mechanoreceptors, which are sensitive to different stimuli including texture, vibration and skin stretch. Yoga and Pilates are movement modalities that are typically done barefoot, and incorporating barefoot science will complement your practice!

When stimulated, these nerves play an important role in how we maintain upright stance, activate our postural muscles, and dynamically control impact forces. In this 2-hour workshop, you can expect to learn and experience - how barefoot science can enhance your daily life and yoga practice - the concept of small nerve proprioceptive stimulation - various way to stimulate and enhance foot awareness - “short foot" activation - foot to core sequencing, and - a 45-minute BARE® workout.

Your experience will be supported by Naboso® Technology @naboso_technology.


A recipient of the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship awarded by National Arts Council (Singapore), Alycia graduated with a Diploma in Dance with Distinction from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in year 2002. Her passion in dance led her to a continuous pursuit in dance education and trainings. Alycia has been teaching Pilates since 2013, she is also a BTA Educator and mentors student-teachers in their journeys on becoming a certified Pilates teacher.

Alycia was introduced to Pilates in her dance college, that it is an effective body conditioning method which improves the posture and body alignment. Having struggled with the challenges of finding stability and balance, with her hyper mobile joints and a torn hamstring, Alycia’s strong belief that Pilates will help her develop a strong core and muscular strength to hone her skills in dancing. In 2011, she decided to delve into the Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program.

Alycia aspires to share her experience and knowledge of movements from different discipline of trainings, together with the practice of Pilates and evidence-based training to help her students in their learning or teaching. One of Alycia’s mentors and inspiration is Dr Emily Splichal of EBFA Global. Dr Emily’s work of foot to core sequencing and barefoot training resonated deeply with Alycia in her own dance practice, as well as teaching her dance students, her Pilates clients and student-teachers! Being a EBFA Global® Master Instructor, Alycia is now spreading the work to other movement professionals. Alycia hopes to create meaningful experiences in movement, inspire and motivate her students to move well.