ATS® Bellydancing with Baby!

Dates: 4 August


10:00am – 11:00am

Dance is a way to connect with our body, mind and soul. Our bodies feel different after giving birth and dance can be a very therapeutic way to get in touch with our creative self and tend to our inner child. At the same, dancing with baby allows us to bond with baby beyond the usual babycaring duties! BONDING with your bub, TRUSTING IN YOURSELVES and LETTING GO are qualities every mum will strive for during her motherhood journey.

And those qualities can the nurtured through ATS® Bellydance - an improvisational group dance where mums and their bubs will move to melodic and rhythmical music, with movements inspired from Middle Eastern, Indian and Spanish dance. Baby Carrier recommended - but not a must.

Come join us in-person or livestream!

About the facilitator

Isabelle Mokross is a professional ATS® Bellydancer and has joined motherhood last year in Nov 2020. She has been teaching internationally and under Shakti Fusion Dances since 2017 in Singapore. Since then she accompanied many women in their dance journey and search for empowering movement.