Key Pillars of Trauma-Awareness in Teaching (15H CET) - Terra Luna Yoga
15h Traumaawareness Cet

Key Pillars of Trauma-Awareness in Teaching (15H CET)

Dates: 24 & 25 June

Sat (1pm – 6:30pm), Sun (8am – 6:30pm)



This continuing education training is for current yoga teachers and fitness trainers who would like to be more trauma-aware in their teaching and practice. In this CET, you will learn the following:
  • What is trauma and why is it important to be trauma-aware
  • Applied Polyvagal theory in wellness and fitness settings
  • Yoga sturas as ethics 
  • Understanding consent culture and body boundaries 
  • Cultural appropriation and decolonisation  in yoga
  • Key principles of trauma-awareness as it relates to cueing, sequencing, space management, etc.
  • Creating safety in group classes

This CET is part of our 200H Yoga Teacher Training.