Meditation Circle: New Beginnings Yoga Nidra - Terra Luna Yoga
New Beginnings Yoga Nidra

Meditation Circle: New Beginnings Yoga Nidra

Dates: 5 Jan 2024


6:30pm – 7:45pm

Yoga Nidra - a meditation practice often described as yogic sleep. Practised lying down in comfort, Yoga Nidra can be deeply restorative and nourishing for those who are needing to de-stress from the everydayness of life. Unlike in many traditional settings, at Terra Luna we adopt a trauma-aware and compassionate lens when it comes to this ancient practice. For example, there's no strict rules or dogma when it comes to how we should be positioned - there's simply no need to move nor be upright!  Additionally, everything offered is an invitation, and there's no need to pay attention or be vigilant. Many have come to cherish and love this practice as it is accessible for anyone with mobility concerns and those who are unable to sit comfortably over a period of time.

As an adaptogenic practice, it offers us whatever it is we're needing in the moment - rest, creativity, inspiration or deep healing. We will begin each session with some gentle movement to prepare the body for rest, followed by a brief sharing of what to expect in the session so that we may arrive more comfortably in the practice. The nidra session will be accompanied by some sound instruments like the koshi bells and Tibetan singing bowls, to help bring about more homecoming to our minds and bodies. There will also be moments of contemplative silence, where we will encourage you to sit with your sensations or if you feel called to, to journal your thoughts down. For this new year's special, we invite participants to put away resolutions and to do lists, and instead come into a space of inquiry and curiosity.


Our journalling segment will include journal prompts to come closer to our heart's wisdom, so that we can look towards the year ahead with gentleness and compassion.


$65 or 2 class credits.


Dewi Chen first stumbled upon Yoga Nidra in 2014 and did not immediately take to it. It was only whilst living in London where she stumbled upon Total Yoga Nidra - a style of yoga nidra that is not dogmatic nor rigid in its form, and encompasses a more fluid approach whether it is via spoken word, sounds and song. After her first session with its co-founder Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, she experienced a lightness and richness in her body that she never felt before; it was as if she had been asleep for years and had now come alive in her body.  Yoga Nidra was her primary practice whilst pregnant and continues to provide her with nourishment and healing. It is from her heart's resource and lived experience that she shares this beloved practice.