Restorative Yoga | Extended Class Special (Aug) - Terra Luna Yoga

Restorative Yoga | Extended Class Special (Aug)

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Dates: 26 Aug


2pm – 4pm


What does conscious rest look like beyond the 60-minute class setting? That's the question we've been asking ourselves every time we come out of Savasana at the end of class. Imagine having the time to fine tune your support so that you can truly luxuriate in a restorative shape - what would that be like for your physical body, your nervous system and your breath? If being in deeply supported restful shapes with comfortable props sounds like bliss to you, join us in this extended class, Restorative Yoga special with Jen.

To truly enjoy this class, we recommend bringing an extra towel or blanket for yourself, a soft sweater or scarf, socks and an eye pillow. Fees $55 per pax or 2 class credits. About Jen Jen is a resident teacher at TLY as well as a Level 2 Relax and Renew®️ Restorative Yoga teacher. After training with Judith Hanson Lasater, she has assisted Judith on several occasions, and continues to do so. She is both instinctive and meticulous when it comes to supporting her clients in shapes that work for their bodies. Never one to rush into things, she firmly believes in mindfully and intentionally setting up for each posture with the care she believes everyone deserves to receive in their bodies.

What to bring

Extra blanket or large towel

Eye Pillow


Scarf (if cold easily)



$55 or 2 class credits