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Yin Yoga & Soundbath Meditation

June 2023 Events (1)

Dates: 2 & 30 June


6:30pm – 8:30pm


Yin Yoga x Soundbath Meditation (A two-part series)

Come join us for a mini retreat for the mind, body and breath this June! All genders welcome 🙂

Did you know that there is a lot in common between Yin Yoga and Soundbaths? Apart from both modalities being more mindful and inward in nature, in Yin Yoga, when we come out of each posture we are invited to observe shifts in the body and this process is called the 'rebound', much like listening to the echo of a sound.

In Soundbaths, these echoes are in the 'resonance' of the instruments - chimes, crystal bowls, bells - being played.

We will explore how the practice of Yin Yoga can offer us more grounding and opening towards our bodies' innate intelligence to find calm. In this first session of the two-part programme, we will explore gently held shapes for our upper limbs, hips and lower limb.

In this second session of the month, we will explore gently held shapes for a more spacious and fluid spine, to help bring open up into areas of our spine that might feel stagnant and dull. These Yin Yoga practices will incorporate mindfulness-based practices that will prepare our bodies for the soundbath journey. Practised in a restful position, the soundbath meditation can help practitioners find more calm and balance through the vibrations produced with the varying notes - these notes resonate with the different elements of earth, air, water and fire.

Come join us for this immersive experience for the mind, body and breath with Janice, our Yin Yoga teacher and Kin, our sound therapist and meditation facilitator.  You can choose to attend both session or come for just one!

To truly enjoy this class, we recommend bringing an extra towel or blanket for yourself, a soft sweater or scarf and socks.



Single drop in of $70 Bundle price of $120

2 class credits for one session for regular passes

3 class credits per session for student concession passes