Meditation Circle: Sound Bath Meditation - Terra Luna Yoga

Meditation Circle: Sound Bath Meditation

Yoga students lying down in sound bath meditation

Dates: 4 Feb


2:00pm – 3:00pm




For our  first Meditation Circle to open the year, join Kin in a special Sound Bath session to help you find your inner rhythm start the year with - perfect for clearing headspace and setting intentions! This mind-body immersive experience is the perfect way to start 2023 with .  Bring your partners and spouses - we welcome all genders to our meditation circles! You may wish to bring along your journal to pen down end-of-year musings. For a most comfortable and nourishing experience, wear comfortable clothes, bring along socks, and other comforts you may need. Please note that this is a special event and our 48 hour late cancellation policy applies.

What to expect?

You will begin with some gentle movements before proceeding to find a lying or resting position of your choice. There will be several sound instruments: crystal bows, bells, chimes, etc.  These instruments when played will produce vibrations that will surround the practice space. People have shared that it feels like a "bath" or being in a "cocoon". Sound as a medium has been well-researched as a tool to help people reduce anxiety, find calm and experience a general sense of peace. In a meditative practice, sound also allows practitioners to help still the mind and bring focus to the breath or sensations arising within the body.