Tension Release Exercise ® Foundations Workshop

Dates: 23 May


3:30pm – 5:30pm

This beginners' workshop is for you if you've never experienced TRE before, or have just started attending our regular TRE group classes, which focus on the experience of TRE rather than the theory. TRE can bring a sense of relief, relaxation and groundedness to our otherwise busy and stressful lives. Very often, people are both amazed and curious about their experience in TRE, and want to understand more about the whys and hows of the practice. Past workshop participants have found that understanding this context has been helpful and brought a deeper appreciation of their experience in group sessions.

This workshop will cover the following (handouts provided):

- TRE's origins and benefits
- Polyvagal Theory and our nervous system
- Stress and our body
- Key principles of practice
- A guided TRE experience
- Opportunities for group sharing

Please come dressed in comfortable clothes to move freely.
or 2 class credits for members with existing packages

Note: This or past TRE workshops are a pre-requisite for the Deepening your TRE practice workshops later in the year.