Yin Yoga | Extended Class Special - Terra Luna Yoga

Yin Yoga | Extended Class Special

Yin Yoga

Dates: 1 Dec 2023


6:30pm – 8:30pm


Embark on a profound exploration of stillness and self-discovery with our Yin Yoga - Extended Class special. Yin Yoga is a transformative practice designed to guide participants towards a softening and stilling of the mind whilst releasing tension held deep within our connective tissues. 

Through these poses, we will also learn how to harness the breath as a pathway towards a deeper state of yin. In Yin Yoga, stillness is a key element. Embrace moments of quiet introspection as you hold the shapes for an extended duration, allowing the mind to settle and find a sense of calm amidst the hustle of daily life. We will conclude the workshop with a longer held savasana, so as to allow your body  to full receive the benefits of the practice.

$65 per pax or 2 class credits. 
About Janice
Janice (she/her) started practising yoga in 2018 to keep herself active. Besides building strength and flexibility, she also gained greater appreciation for her body and breath. Since then, yoga has remained a constant in Janice’s life. Wanting to deepen her knowledge in yoga, she completed a 200H teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and went on to pursue her interests in Yin Yoga (50H) with Bernie Clark and Pre/Post-Natal Yoga (100H) with TLY Academy. Her classes have a focus on bringing awareness to the body and breath, something we rarely do in our busy day-to-day lives. Janice hopes to provide a safe and encouraging space for clients to discover their own personal yoga journey and inspire them through the practice.


What to bring

Eye Pillow


Scarf (if cold easily)



$65 or 2 class credits