Dewi Chen


Like most yoginis, Dewi (she/her) encountered yoga through the traditional Hatha Yoga lineage, where she obtained her 200H certification. She went on to train in Yin Yoga (200H), Forrest Yoga, Pre/Post-natal Yoga and Kids & Family Yoga, Well-Woman Yoga & Therapy (Womb Yoga), Trauma Sensitive Yoga , Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory and Yoga Nidra. Dewi is also trained as a Barefoot Training Specialist® and BARE® workout instructor. Inspired by the bodyworkers and therapists that treated her - including her very own mum - she went on to train as a remedial bodyworker and therapist in the field of Integrated Manual Therapy, Sports Massage Therapy and Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT). Her studies in anatomy and physiology from the lens of therapy and movement rehabilitation has sharpened her skills in teaching group classes, and she loves empowering her clients to see themselves the way she views them - intelligent, fascinating and strong.

Fuelled by her desire to empower birthing families from #wombtoworld, Dewi is also a certified Birth & Postpartum doula (DONA International), Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, Body Ready Method Pro , and VBAC certified doula (VBAC Link). Her doula work at wonder births greatly informs her teaching approach in pre-natal and post-natal yoga classes. She received additional trainings led by Dr Rachel Reed and several others in the field of birthwork and the nervous system. She is currently pursuing her certifications as an Evidence Based Birth instructor and Girls Gone Strong Prenatal and Postpartum Coach. 

Dewi is currently the Lead Trainer for TLY Academy's 100H Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training and 200H Yoga Teacher Training programme.




Jennifer Tan

Jennifer Tan (she/her) started yoga to rehabilitate a badly broken arm, and soon realized the potential of a dedicated yoga practice. She eventually found herself on the path of teaching Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Trauma-informed Yoga, Accessible Yoga (in-progress) and Restorative Yoga. Trained by the “Queen of Restorative Yoga” herself, Judith Hanson Lasater, Jennifer is one of the few teachers in Singapore who have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 Relax and Renew®️ trainings with Judith.⁣ Jen loves to explore movement through various modalities, from basic strength and cardio, to more explorative methods such as Functional Range Conditioning and Feldenkrais.  Whether she’s teaching Hatha or Restorative Yoga, her classes will always be guided by mindfulness as an intent, often with the breath as a focal point. Jen leads our Yoga Foundations 4 week programme and is the Lead Trainer for TLY Academy's 200H Yoga Teacher Training programme.

Kris Ng

Kris (she/her) started practicing Pilates out of curiosity when she was 18 years old. Little did she know Pilates would turn out to be such a big part of her life, seeing her through all her significant transitions. Being a working mum to a spirited and strong-willed 4 year old, she resonates with fellow new-ish mums and approaches working with postpartum women with compassion while helping them reconnect with their bodies through breath work, core and pelvic floor awareness. Kris studied with Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher (1921-2011) from 2004 and has also trained in pre/post-natal Pilates, diastasis recti recovery and exercise for pelvic floor health. She is the co-founder of the BodyTree Group and has been teaching Pilates for 17 years. She has also mentored students in Singapore and SE Asia to become Pilates teachers with many going on to having successful teaching careers and their own studio practices. Kris is also a Barefoot Training Specialist® and BARE® workout instructor, and regularly incorporates the teachings into her Power Pilates classes

Ili Lim

Ili Lim is a certified fitness trainer and yoga teacher. In her past life she was a Flowboarder athlete and has several world titles under her belt. A knee reconstruction surgery in 2012 led her to the discovery of yoga and the self-awareness, mindfulness and calm that it brought to her everyday. She eventually trained as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and found in both modalities the strength she needed to go through the hustle and bustle of life. Even though she no longer competes, she still considers herself an athlete and sportswoman, being a mother of two active children! She counts her family to be her biggest teacher. Through her classes, she hopes to inspire others to feel comfortable and strong in their bodies through fitness and yoga.

Kimberly Kwa

Kim (she/her) started practicing yoga in 2008 as a means to rehabilitate her body and mind, and in the process found strength, mindfulness and self-compassion. She completed her 200H in Hatha Yoga in 2021 and has since done additional teacher trainings in Yin, Vinyasa Sequencing and Adaptive and Accessible Yoga. She has also completed TLY Academy's 100H Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher Training. Kim believes that yoga isn’t about getting into the most complex variation of a pose or conforming the body to a definitive shape. It’s about connecting with the breath; movement (or stillness) with each inhale and exhale; doing what feels good in the moment – listening to the body, mind and soul, and letting it guide the intensity of your practice.

Janice Chia

Janice (she/her) started practising yoga in 2018 to keep herself active. Besides building strength and flexibility, she also gained greater appreciation for her body and breath. Since then, yoga has remained a constant in Janice’s life. Wanting to deepen her knowledge in yoga, she completed a 200H teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and went on to pursue her interests in Yin Yoga (50H) with Bernie Clark and Pre/Post-Natal Yoga (100H) with TLY Academy. Her classes have a focus on bringing awareness to the body and breath, something we rarely do in our busy day-to-day lives. Janice hopes to provide a safe and encouraging space for clients to discover their own personal yoga journey and inspire them through the practice.

Yoga Teacher Janice Chia
Tly Team Joan Ng

Joan Ng

Joan started her yoga journey in 2010 as a way to complement her fitness regimen. After experiencing the therapeutical benefits of yoga, she cultivated a decade long practice before going on to train in Hatha Vinyasa (200H) and also certified as a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga (100H) teacher with TLY Academy. She feels drawn to guiding expectant parents, after experiencing how yoga embraced and supported  through pregnancy and motherhood. Joan draws inspiration from her life to design classes that addresses one's physical and mental well-being in in a safe and supportive way.

Kin Ing Ho

KinIng (she/her) aka Kin, started her Yoga journey in 2007 out of curiosity. What started out as a sporadic physical practice evolved into a profound, transformative meditative journey. Her journey inwards was the only solace as she battles with her too-many-to-count episodes of recurrent ulcers and stress rashes. Kin believes in the connection of mind-body and the power of manifestation. Her classes are known to be gentle, compassionate, empowering, and light-hearted. Having witnessed and experienced the benefits of Yoga in her births, Kin now specializes in Prenatal Yoga and is currently the first Birthing From Within © Trained childbirth educator and doula (in progress) in Asia. She hopes to honour new parents with guidance, support, and celebration through this experience. Kin is also a Level 2 Reiki and sound practitioner.

Yoga Teacher Kin
Yoga Teacher Tal Rafel, Sitting on the floor of Terra Luna Yoga Studio

Tal Rafel

Tal (she/her) started her yoga journey almost 20 years ago when she was seeking to find balance in her life whilst working in a fast paced corporate role. When Tal was living in Sydney, she discovered the powerful practice of Ashtanga yoga with Nikki Fulford and committed to a regular Ashtanga practice. Tal travelled to India to study with various experienced teachers, refining her understanding and felt experience of how movement and breathe work on the mind and body connection. Since becoming a mother, yoga has become for her a way in which we  can cultivate a relationship with the self. Tal’s deep interest in understanding the mind-body connection led her to study a Masters in Psychotherapy. She has also completed TLY Academy's 100H Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher Training. She is currently researching how Yoga and Mindfulness practices are able to support women in times of great transition. Her classes focuses on moving mindfully and connecting deeply with the practice. She hopes to inspire her clients to live their yoga off the mat. 

Bernice Lee

Bernice (she/they) is an artist and dance practitioner. She is also co-director of Rolypoly Family/Derring-Do Dance with Faye Lim. Rolypoly Family is known for their delightful dance and play experiences, specially made for children and their families. Bernice is also a young mom, and very excited about teaching the mums & bubs class! Bernice started practising yoga and other somatic forms (like Taichi, Qigong and Alexander Technique) while studying contemporary dance at The Ohio State University. She integrates her knowledge from a broad range of approaches in her movement and dance classes. In 2008, she undertook a 200-hour Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course with Laurel Hodory. Bernice has also studied Pilates intensively, and undertaken Matwork courses by Balanced Body. She is currently deep diving into studying mothering as a cultural phenomenon, one with deep implications for how mothers, and women, experience our bodies. Practising yoga has been essential to her journey as a mother.